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  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time provides scientific information in a manner that is simple enough that even a young child can enjoy and understand. The story is told through the adventures of three young girls who live on a tree farm in Oregon. They learn from their kindly neighbor, a scientist, that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the miracle molecule that is necessary for life on earth to exist and that increasing CO2 is helping plants to grow faster and bigger.

  • Simon The Solar-Powered Cat

    The Sun’s critical role in sustaining life on Earth is told through the adventures of a wonderful cat named Simon. Simon is loved by the three girls who own him. However, he is still lonely and a bit hungry. Through Simon’s search for an animal friend and food, we learn how sunlight combines with carbon dioxide and water to feed cats–and nearly all life on Earth.

  • The Magic Mirror: Reflections on Recycling

    The Magic Mirror tells of another adventure in the lives of Sophia, Ariana, and Elyssa, the three young sisters who live on a tree farm in Oregon. As they go about their recycling chores, their friendly scientist neighbor, Mr. Gordon, helps them to learn that Mother Nature is the most important recycler of all. Natural and man-made processes eventually bring plants and animals back to the miracle molecule, carbon dioxide, so that new life can emerge.

    Sometimes it takes a little magical reflection to see the wonders of nature. In this delightful story, three sisters discover how the cycles of life are made possible by the miracle molecule, carbon dioxide. An entertaining look into the scientific realities of life on earth for children of any age.