Meet Our Team!

The CO2 Learning Center team is composed of highly motivated scientists and climate experts concerned about the quality and state of science education in America. They promote the scientific method rather than indoctrination.

Their backgrounds include physics, chemistry, geology and more. Most hold PhDs or advanced degrees in applied sciences and promote scientific thought over political agendas.

Team members doing different activities, like running a science experiment or writing

For Parents

About the CO2 Learning Center

Concern among many members of the CO2 Coalition over the state of science education in America led to the creation of an Education Initiative to explore ways that our scientists could educate young people about science without climate alarmism. The CO2 Learning Center is the result of this collaboration of nearly twenty top scientists and experts that include chemists, geologists, engineers, physicists and more. Here, students can learn about topics including atmospheric gases, photosynthesis and our thriving planet.

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Our Mission

The CO2 Coalition educates thought leaders, policymakers, and the public about the important contribution made by carbon dioxide to our lives and the economy. The Coalition seeks to engage in an informed and dispassionate discussion of climate change, humans’ role in the climate system, the limitations of climate models, and the consequences of mandated reductions in CO2 emissions.

Smiling CO2 molecule

The Team

Gordon Fulks writing at his desk

Gordon Fulks is an astrophysicist (a real rocket scientist) and is the model for “Mr. Gordon” in the CO2 Learning Center comics.

Gordon Fulks

Rafaella Nascimento pouring liquid into a beaker

Rafaella Nascimento is from Brazil and is a chemist, inventor, and expert in nanotechnology (really, really, really small stuff).

Rafaella Nascimento

Payne Kilbourn animated figure

Payne Kilbourn was a Captain in the Navy and served as Commanding Officer of a nuclear attack submarine. He is in charge of creating the CO2 Learning Center’s videos.

Payne Kilbourn

Thiago Hellinger da Silva is an artist and created the wonderful artwork for the CO2 Learning Center’s books and videos. He lives in Brazil.

Thiago Hellinger da Silva

Greg Wrightstone is a geologist and leads the CO2 Coalition.

Greg Wrightstone

Bruce Everett is an energy expert and economist.

Bruce Everett

Will Happer is a physicist, inventor, professor and founder of the CO2 Coalition.

Will Happer

Daniel Nebert is a physician and professor at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Daniel Nebert

Sharon Camp is a chemist who taught AP Environmental Science and created the CO2 Learning Center’s lesson plans.

Sharon Camp

Hugh Kendrick is a nuclear engineer and expert on nuclear power and nuclear safety.

Hugh Kendrick

Jan L. Breslow is a medical doctor, past President of the American Heart Assoc. and Senior Physician at the Rockefeller Hospital.

Jan L. Breslow

John Droz is a physicist and environmental advocate.

John Droz

Tom Sheahen is a physicist, research scientist and author.

Tom Sheahen

Bob Zybach is a environmental scientist who is an expert on forests and prevention of wildfires.

Bob Zybach

Mike Thompson was a weatherman in the Navy and later on television. He is now a state senator in Kansas.

Mike Thompson

Jim Steele is a biologist who studied ornithology (birds) and botany (plants). He writes books and makes videos about nature and climate.

Jim Steele

Angela Wheeler is a marketing and communications specialist. Most recently she was the Marketing and Publications Director for the Capital Media Group.

Angela Wheeler

Jim Buell is a biologist and ecologist focused on the fishes of the northwest United States.

Jim Buell

Kip Hansen sailed the seven seas as a captain and is now a research journalist and expert on sea-level rise.

Kip Hansen

Patrick Moore is an ecologist and co-founder of the environmental group Greenpeace before leaving after 15 years.

Patrick Moore

Ryan Nichols is an engineer and is one of the leaders of the CO2 Coalition.

Ryan Nichols