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Want to learn more about our planet, forests and oceans? We present the facts here about how our Earth is thriving and prospering from the combination of modest warming and more carbon dioxide. Are fires increasing? Are there more hurricanes and tornadoes? Are polar bears in danger?

Find out the facts about these and much, much more.

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  • Fun Fact #1: There are a lot more polar bears alive today than when your grandparents were young!

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    There are a lot more polar bears alive today than when your grandparents were young!

    In 1960, the estimated polar bear population was about 10,000. The latest estimate is about 32,000, the largest ever recorded.

  • Fun Fact #2: Carbon dioxide is plant food. (Part 1) More is better!

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    Girl looking at a plant

    Plants need three things to grow:

    1. Water

    2. Sunlight

    3. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

    More CO2 means plants grow faster and bigger and provide more food for us. Some people say that breathing on their plants makes them grow better.

    Your breath has VERY high levels of CO2 so more CO2 could help them grow.

  • Fun Fact #3: Melting of ice near the South Pole is small & a lot is from volcanic activity.

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    Very active volcanoes in western Antarctica are melting ice from below.

  • Fun Fact #4: A warming planet & more CO2 means more food.

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    We are growing more food every year.

    • Modest warming means longer growing seasons
    • More CO2 means more plant growth


    Source of crop data: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization – World grain production 1961-2012

  • Fun Fact #5: More carbon dioxide is “greening” the planet.

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    Much of Earth’s surface has increasing plant life because of more CO2.

    More CO2 = Greener = More plants!!

  • Fun Fact #6: Warmer has always been great for humans and cold has been very bad.

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    People thrived during the previous 3 warm periods.

    • Minoan (1500 to 1200 BC)
    • Roman (250 BC to 450 AD)
    • Medieval (850-1250 AD)


    Starvation & death was normal during the cold periods

    • Greek Dark Ages (1200 to 250 BC)
    • Dark Ages (450 to 850 AD)
    • Little Ice Age (1250 to 1850 AD)